Is Tokyo the financial capital of the world?

No, is the short answer, but it has come a long way in recent years and continues to grow. London is still seen by many as the financial capital of the world with Tokyo hot on its heals.

Attending an international confex can often give good insight into things of this nature, but you'd be hard pressed to point a fine point on such a question due to its complex nature. It's also difficult to make a judgement when there are so many different opinions on the main issues.

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In recent years London has begun to reclaim the top spot in financial status with New York hot on its heels. There are many elements that have contributed to this but some of the main reasons are that's it has been established for much longer than others, and can provide a route to the rest of Europe for many different countries. This has fuelled it's growth.

The general consensus is that over the next few years it could lose its high flying position, and Tokyo is hot on its heels. It is seen as a technological capital which is new, fresh and growing rapidly. If there is investment to be made then the prospects look much more inviting here. As well as this there is a thriving industry surrounding Tokyo and as we all know technology is in high demand which is set to increase over the next few years.

2015 is the date being predicted for when the next major changes could happen. There is a strong chance that at this stage Tokyo could be the financial capital of the world for the first time.